Leading Teams Effectively

If you are leading a team for the first time, it could seem like a daunting task.
You might have the following questions in your mind - 
  • How do I enable my team members work collaboratively with each other?
  • How do I encourage them to communicate openly, even if it means respectfully challenging each other?
  • How can I ensure that team members are willing to experiment, make mistakes and learn from those experiences?
  • So join us in this learning experience, where you will learn to lead a team effectively.

What you’ll learn

Build a psychologically safe space for everyone in the team

Encourage team members to communicate openly, by signalling vulnerability

Clarify why the team exists and how you differentiate yourselves

Identify the strengths that individuals bring to the team

This course includes:

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Individuals who lead a team of diverse individuals in an organization
  • Individuals stepping into the role of a team leader for the first time
  • Leaders who are looking for ways to engage their team and drive results

Detailed Course Syllabus

You have joined ‘The Best Snitch Co’ to lead a team of product developers. Navigate the various scenarios and help drive results for the organisation, while keeping the team engaged.

Know your Course Advisor

Arun Rao

Founder & Director, FocusU Engage

Arun Rao is one of the co-founders of FocusU Engage. A restless soul, always looking over the horizon, he is passionate about a vast canvas of topics ranging from building high-performance teams, leadership, innovation, marketing, copywriting, workshop facilitation and Phantom comics.

When he is not immersed in any of these passions, Arun spends most of his time reading, catching up with a close set of friends over beer, and sometimes binging on Netflix.

Arun lives in Gurgaon with his college-time sweetheart, who hasn’t yet lost patience with him as his wife, and a precocious young daughter.