Foundations of Design Thinking

Tea & Trails, a quaint little café in a bustling city is struggling for survival.

Can Design Thinking help the owners find a way to overcome this challenge?

Join Olive and Joy in this storified experience, where you will learn when, where and how to apply Design Thinking to find solutions to the 'knotty' problems in business that don’t have straight answers.

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What you’ll learn

When & where

When to use Design Thinking as an approach to solving knotty problems. Where to start and what mindset to commit to before getting started.

Who, what and how

Pick up the techniques of mapping your customer’s journey and understanding the user persona.

In your user’s shoes

Empathize with your user persona in as much depth as you can. What do they need, want, expect, aspire for, like, dislike, and so forth.

Defining the problem

Use your insights to frame the problem statement. Set up your challenge for ideation.

Prototyping and iterating

Create early prototypes for your suggested solution to gather feedback. Test your idea and capture feedback before reiterating.

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This course includes:

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Management students and professionals
  • Engineering students and professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Marketing professionals
  • Product managers
  • Project managers

Detailed Course Syllabus

Know your Course Advisor

 Shõan Shinde

Design Thinking Practitioner and
VP - Marketing at TurboHire

An alumnus of the Indian School of Business (ISB), he brings to the table an experience of a decade and a half in building brands and businesses, including his own creative agency and a family enterprise.

Leveraging his design thinking approach, business acumen, entrepreneurial experience, and a strong network he has proactively built, he helps companies - from across sectors - to build brands and go-to-market strategies, and explore business opportunities.

Tapping into consumer behaviour patterns and sectoral opportunities, he assists companies in developing strategies that align with their short and long-term goals.

What our community members say

It is an excellent course for the introduction of design thinking. In a compelling and fun to follow story, I learned all about design thinking from understanding and empathizing with users to creating and testing solutions to their problems. The course was presented in an easily digestible format with thought provoking questions forcing you to reflect on what you learned. Even better, at the end of each module you share what you learned with fellow students and grow even more from their perspective.     
Malique Rahman
Junior User Experience Designer
Loved the storytelling framework used. The content was relevant; quizzes were great, and the references for deeper learning were good suggestions
Jacob Dijo
Director - Sales Operations & Enablement, PropertyGuru Group 
The course was easy to use and fun. The interactive method along with a single storyline made learning more engaging. Real life examples like the story about Nicholas Cage were relatable and fun to read and kept me interested. Both theory, story and exercise together made it easier to finish the course. The media of reading, audio and animation used appropriately at different places was a good way to keep me engaged as a user. 
Prof. Richa Pant
School of Design, Doon University, Business Owner and Cat Rescuer