Demonstrating Inclusivity at the Workplace

Velocipede, a bicycle manufacturer, is on the verge of launching its latest product -
V-Raptor, a light weight mountain bike.

The team members responsible for this mega - launch are from different backgrounds and life experiences.
Will they be able to overcome their unconscious biases and work collaboratively?

Join the V-Raptor launch team on this storified learning experience where you will learn to adopt an inclusive mindset.

Demonstrating Inclusivity At The Workplace

Velocipede, a bicycle manufacturing company is moving towards launch of their latest product, V-Raptor. Unspoken tensions soar at their launch meeting. Can their diverse team navigate past their differences for the company's goal? Join this team's story to discover how it can unlock yours.

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What you’ll learn

Meaning of an inclusive workplace and examples from across the globe

Different types of unconscious biases that we are prone to, and the impact of such biases 

Different types of microbehaviors that we display when we make false assumptions

Best practices to demonstrate an inclusive mindset

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This course includes:

Who will benefit from this course?

  • People managers leading a team of diverse individuals
  • Individuals working with team members from different backgrounds, geographies and cultures 
  • Individuals making critical hiring and personnel decisions 

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Know your Course Advisor

Dyti Dawn

Learning and Development Leader

Dyti has been working across various domains of Human Resources - Talent Management, Change Management, Leadership Development and Behavioral Skills Development. Dyti helped to set up the Diversity & Inclusion processes at a major Indian conglomerate.

Dyti is a certified Firo-B practitioner and holds a specialization in “Foundations of Positive Psychology” from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an expert in the areas of Learning Experience Design, Mobile Microlearning, Competency based development and Assessment Design.

Dyti loves to read classic fiction and magical realism. While not at work, she spends time with her dog and her baby girl, or explores the world with her equal half.

She loves to share personal anecdotes of her travels and experiences through her writing. Her favourite quote is by Rumi: “Live where you fear to live.”

Well thought out, bite-sized interactive content, with relatable scenarios, examples and quizzes: which interests and informs. I recommend this to individuals, teams and organisations who want to make a difference in terms of equity.
Meera Remani
Leadership Coach

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